The Best Of Peru: Luxury handmade peruvian Eco Fashion




Welcome to our new online shop where you can find luxurious and exclusive handmade peruvian products for fashion, home and art-craft decoration. We would like to offer our customers exclusive and unique products that are inspired by the peruvian culture and all the art that this magnificent country can offer.


Peru has various luxurious raw materials that are transformed using artistic craftsmanship. Artists combine these materials, such as alpaca, Pima Cotton and many others. Add-in the rich visuals conjured up by historic Peru, and artists are inspired to create many wonderful and original designs.


The incredible detail produced by these hand-made garments give these products an added value. We would like to offer you a variety of different luxurious hand-made garments such as sweaters, pullovers, cardigans and accessories for men and women. These are in 100% alpaca, 100% Pima Cotton or some fashionable blends with gorgeous, hand-loomed knits. In addition, The Best of Peru will offer home products such as blankets, pillows and other art craft accessories to create a magnificent atmosphere for your house.


The Best of Peru wants to promote Eco Fashion that Peru offer with its unique natural fibers and wonderful hand knitting products. We would like to welcome you to our online Store offering you The Best of Peru.


The Best of Peru works with the best peruvian companies who create gorgeous designs and produced handmade woven and knitting products in 100% alpaca 100% pima cotton and fashionable blends those products are sweaters, accessories, home products, gifts, jewelry and artcrafts.