Social Responsability of The Best Of Perú




The Best of Peru promotes all the techniques that Social Responsability has.


TBP works with peruvian companies that have this values and offer their workers and the materials they use for the production of their garments all the respect they need and deserve.


TBP wants to promote an Eco Fashion and sustainable products respecting all the production process and using the best natural materials that Peru has. Companies respect the animal from the beginning to get the best fiber not hurting the animal in any moment and offering them a good environment to live and grow. It is the same with the cotton fiber that companies get and work with the best peruvian companies.


TBP also support a good environment at work offering their workers and their families education and training to live better as well as giving job to poor communities that have a very good hand labor skills.


It is important Social Responsability in companies and The Best of Peru support in every moment the mutual respect with human labors, the land and the dignity work.